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Did you know that recruiters spend their entire time looking for opportunities? Imagine if you had thousands of recruiting firms looking for jobs for you right now. Several of them probably already have your perfect opportunity. What are you waiting for? Recruiter Submitter is extremely simple to use and navigate. Follow these EIGHT SIMPLE STEPS and you can sit back home and relax while Recruiter Submitter goes to work for you!

Step 1 Enter your email address on the homepage and click on "Continue".
Step 2
  1. Fill in all important information, such as first name and last name.
  2. Fill in your industry preferences. For a fixed fee of $49, you can choose a combination of any three industries.

There is an additional fee of $10 on each additional preference indications. You can also alter your preferences by removing the current selection and adding a new selection.
Step 3 You can choose to use the recruiter guard facility for an additional fee of $9.95

The RecruiterGuard Facility allows you to keep your information absolutely confidential from recruiters. You will be provided a unique candidate identification number and all responses will be forwarded to you by Recruiter Submitter based on this number. Your documents will be sent to recruiters from the Recruiter Submitter email ID.
Step 4 Fill in all your payment information details.
Please review your information carefully and when you are satisfied, please press the 'PLACE ORDER' button.
Step 5 Once your payment details have been accepted by our system, you will automatically be taken to the next step of your order process.

In the meanwhile, an email requesting that you confirm your email address will be sent to the email address provided by you. Click on the email confirmation link in order to allow us to proceed with your order. You may choose to activate this link later on and continue at present with your order processing. However, the final sending out of documents will be undertaken by Recruiter Submitter only once you have activated this link.
Step 6 On successful completion of payment, you are redirected to the "Process My Order" page wherein you can upload your existing resume and cover letter.
Step 7 Now you can reach out to thousands of recruiters anywhere across the United States. Just confirm by hitting the "Send Email" button.

Note: Your documents will be sent out only once you have activated the email address confirmation link sent to your email address.
Step 8 After your emailing request is processed, you will receive a mass emailing confirmation email and the status of your order will be changed to complete.
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Within three weeks of contacting Recruiter Submitter, my resume has reached over 600 recruiters. And now, two months down the line, I have a top paying healthcare job matching my caliber. Many thanks and best wishes!
- Jennifer K.